Cosmic eyes

“Little” Cosmic Eyes: the difference a century of human advance can make. The barred spiral galaxy NGC 1398 as seen from Earth: today (ESO telescopes, photo on the left) and about 100 years ago (Telescope of the Palomar Observatory, photo on the right). The photons arriving on Earth are the same; we have changed. ThisContinue reading “Cosmic eyes”

Lettera agli Italiani

…che io amo,e che io detesto così come amo e detesto me, Italiana, come la pizza, Margherita. Sono un’Italiana che osserva l’Italia da fuori da circa dieci anni. Non ho mai smesso di osservarla, e solo da fuori ho iniziato un pochino a capirla — perché finalmente potevo vederla. Le cose si vedono per interoContinue reading “Lettera agli Italiani”

Giordano Bruno, Free Thinker

🇧🇷 🇮🇹 🇪🇸 17 February 1600, Campo de’ Fiori, Rome, planet Earth. Giordano Bruno is burned alive by the Authority of the time (specifically, the Holy Inquisition) for refusing abjuration of his heretical ideas, in particular: that our planet Earth was not unique; that other worlds similar to ours existed, around stars similar to ourContinue reading “Giordano Bruno, Free Thinker”

The density of black holes

Black holes are the most extremely compact objects of the Universe. In fact, at their center lies a singularity: a point with zero volume, where all the mass of the black hole is compressed. The singularity is a region of infinite density — something that is not really conceivable by the human mind. Density isContinue reading “The density of black holes”