X-ray missions

X-ray missions

I was scientifically born as X-ray observer, and while many things have continuously changed during my scientific career, the constant has been the utilization of X-ray data.

I am an expert user of ESA’s XMM-Newton, whose data I have been analyzing for the past 13 years with undiminished passion and enthusiasm; I visited ESAC for the first time in 2008 to collaborate in the X-ray study of a supermassive black hole variable wind; then I came back during 2012-2014 as Research Fellow in Space Science in the XMM-Newton SOC; now I work at ESAC, in the CAB (CSIC-INTA). Five times during my life the telescope has moved toward the region of the sky I was recommending, delivering data of photons that had traveled millions of light years into my computer.

I have contributed to the development of past and future X-ray missions, and I am member of the Scientific Working Group “Feedback in local AGN and star forming galaxies” of the ESA Large Mission ATHENA.

Me, posing happy in front of the COSMOS field, with a reproduction of the satellite XMM-Newton

I routinely use data collected with
space-based telescopes.

I am a member of the ATHENA scientific community, and
I have also been calibration scientist for the HITOMI satellite.

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