Equinox, again

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The equinox is here, again.

Hundreds of millions of equinoxes have passed before humanity had opened their eyes to life on Earth, and many more hundreds of millions of equinoxes will pass after humanity is gone.
The equinox: the orbital point between the two solstices, the orbital point where light – day and night – is half-shared between the two hemispheres that form this tiny rocky blue planet.
Spring has started in the southern hemisphere, autumn in the northern one. The cosmic dance around the star ‘Sun’ will go on and on until the next solstice and equinox and solstice and equinox, completely independent of us.

Planet Earth will always survive us, but the fragile conditions that make life possible as we know it will not, and this is because of us.

As paradoxical as it might sound, we – the people rich in money and poor of time – need to slow down as soon as possible.

We need to start listening to the rest of the planet.

We are all part of planetary life, and the way we have been living our lives for the past decades has drastically unbalanced the conditions needed for life to thrive with tranquillity on Earth.

Space news is not great for the biosphere of this gorgeous tiny rocky blue planet; but it is clear that on the surface of planet Earth the conditions are rapidly changing.
It really is necessary that we stop subsidizing fossil fuel companies, and start thinking hard and smart about a replacement for the aerosols in our atmosphere in a global way, so as to be ready for when the CO2 level in the atmosphere finally starts declining.

We are all in this situation together.
We all share the same planet.


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