Cosmic eyes

photography of the galaxy NGC 1398 as photographed today and one hundred years ago.

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“Little” Cosmic Eyes: the difference a century of human advance can make.

The barred spiral galaxy NGC 1398 as seen from Earth: today (ESO telescopes, photo on the left) and about 100 years ago (Telescope of the Palomar Observatory, photo on the right).

Terrestrial photography of NGC 1398: after and before (a century of human advance).

The photons arriving on Earth are the same; we have changed.

Image of the barred spiral galaxy NGC 1398 taken with the FORS2 instrument mounted in the Very Large Telescope of the European Southern Observatory (ESO), in Chile. Credits: ESO. Original link here. By clicking on the image you can access the high resolution file (about 20 MB).

This galaxy is just one of the trillions of galaxies out there, each with its own hundreds of billions of stars like our own star, the Sun. About 65 million light-years from our galaxy, NGC 1398 is relatively close, “just behind the corner”, cosmically speaking.

We are tiny.


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