A little bit of Cosmic neighborhood

APOD (Astronomical Picture of the Day) is a highly recommended website.

The image featured today is a photography by Scott Spinall, originally named “Cosmic meeting“. You can find his beautiful artwork here.

This is our Cosmic Neighborhood.

As seen from planet Earth:
our satellite the Moon (1.3 light seconds from Earth),
planet Venus (4 and a half light minutes from Earth),
the Pleiades star cluster (444 light years from Earth).

Furthermore, countless other galactic stars (many of them just like our star, the Sun, with their systems of planets around them).

This is just a tiny part of our Galaxy.

Our Galaxy is just an ordinary galaxy among the hundreds of billions galaxies out there — each one with their hundreds billions stars.

We all share the same, super-hyper-ultra-beautiful, tiny planet.

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