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Welcome to blackholewinds.space!

This page was born from the need to share the riches that my occupation gives me (I will tell about the torments only if they contain a remarkable and immediate didactic side). I am a lucky human, spending my life in one of the most beautiful and oldest occupations on this planet: I am an astronomer.

Good power, when shared, multiplies. Like knowledge.

So: what is our “cosmic address”? I would like to tell you about it in “our Universe“.

And also: how beautiful is our planet, with her unique geometries and diffraction and refraction patterns? I would like to show you something about her in “our planet Earth“.

Curious about my personal history as human as-all-peculiar? You can have a look at “about me“.

I study the winds originating close to supermassive black holes in the center of distant galaxies: but what does all this mean? What are black hole winds, and why are they important? Indeed, first of all: what are black holes? And how do we observe them, if they are black holes? And what do they teach us? I would like to explain it in the section “Research“. The idea of ​​this section is to build a triple exposure level: for everyone (no jargon at all), for Ph.D. students (jargon at minimum), and for astronomers (jargon like hot cakes).

While completing the main page, I will post updates here on the blog. With the existence of “blackholewinds.space” I will not disappear from Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or LinkedIn; nor from the real world! — but this page might serve as a repository for those who might want to read without having to go through the aforementioned social media — and with an extra touch of solid science.
I hope you enjoy it as I do 🙂!

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Astronomer, human of planet Earth investigating supermassive black holes.

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