Black Hole Winds

I am the Principal Investigator of the project “Unveiling Black Hole Winds from Space”, co-financed by INTA and by the Comunidad de Madrid within the program “Atracción de Talento” (grant 2018-T1/TIC-11733).

With this project, I aim at using space-based UV and X-ray observations of active galactic nuclei (AGN) with the scientific goal of characterizing the physical conditions of the inner regions around supermassive black holes (SMBHs).
This means separating the intrinsic AGN emission from the intervening material along the line of sight, that is equivalent to recovering the physical conditions of both the AGN central engine (e.g., the X-ray emitting corona, the UV emitting accretion disk) and the inner Black Hole Winds (e.g., UV BALs and mini-BALs, X-ray UFOs and warm absorbers).
The observational data points will be then inserted into the MBH-mdot (black hole mass-Eddington ratio) diagram of Giustini & Proga (2019).

This will allow to: (i) refine the position of the loci of the various UV absorbing winds; and (ii) discover how the UFO relate to the UV winds. Ultimately, we will be able to estimate the total kinetic energy injected by the Black Hole Winds in their surrounding media (feedback) just by knowing MBH, mdot.

Our study is paving the way to future observations, when high-resolution spectroscopy in the Fe K band will be undoubtedly revolutionary. Future-future: more complex physical scenarios will be studied, like adding the effects of the black hole spin and of non-stationary accretion to our model.

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